Section: ntp
Family Number
TCP 123
UDP 123

Endian: endian_big
Protocol description
Reference: RFC-1305

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) provides the mechanisms to synchronize time and coordinate time distribution in a large, diverse internet operating at rates from mundane to lightwave. It uses a returnable-time design in which a distributed subnet of time servers operating in a self- organizing, hierarchical-master-slave configuration synchronizes local clocks within the subnet and to national time standards via wire or radio. The servers can also redistribute reference time via local routing algorithms and time daemons.

Name: Hdr
Name: Hdr
Field name Field type Field size Field description
li_vn_mode Integer 8
stratum Integer 8
ppoll Integer 8
precision Integer 8
rootdelay Integer 32
rootdispersion Integer 32
refid Integer 32
reftime Integer 8
org Integer 8
rec Integer 8
xmt Integer 8
keyid1 Integer 32
keyid2 Integer 32
keyid3 Integer 32
mac Integer 24

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